Posted on 21/7/19 in Case Studies

New Basement has Dual Gas and Waterproofing Built-in to Ensure BS Compliance

Ground gas and waterproofing dual systems are becoming increasingly common, due to tighter legislation and British standards such as BS8485 and BS8102, which both state that waterproofing and gas measures must be addressed in basement waterproofing applications. Insurance companies are now stringently abiding by these British Standards to help protect homeowners from ingress of harmful gases, and their properties from flooding.

Gp Titan Membrane 600 X550 Cm8 And Cm20 Application 600 X550 Cm8 And Cm20 Application 600 X550 2
  • Gp Titan Membrane 600 X550
  • Cm8 And Cm20 Application 600 X550
  • Cm8 And Cm20 Application 600 X550 2

Wykamol registered installer, Quigley Preservation are using Wykamol cavity drain membranes and Titan Tank to comply with all legislation and keep the environment within the new basement dry, gas-free and safe. 

 Wykamol cavity drain membranes are the only ones manufactured in the UK and have BBA Approved status.

 Titan Tank has the advantage of being both gas and waterproof, protecting against the ingress of harmful gases such as Radon, Methane and Carbon Dioxide, while simultaneously providing a Type A waterproofing system with the application of 1 product. Many companies are still installing the advised dual waterproofing systems and then a 3rd product or system for prevention of gas ingress, resulting in higher labour costs.

Wykamol has over 80 years’ experience in manufacturing products for the building industry and works closely with registered installers such as Quigley to understand the relevant issues and provide design and installation support and advice. Our help and expertise are available for existing basement conversions or new build property.

Wykamol personnel sit on the UK Radon Association and also on the steering committee of the latest CIRIA, covering retrofitting of gas resilient measures to structures.

The extent of Wykamol pre-eminence in the sector can be seen in the recent launch of our innovative 60-page 3D technical drawing manual for basement waterproofing applications. Download your copy from our drawings library or request a hard copy by emailing 

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