Posted on 18/7/18 in Case Studies

Iconic Promenade Apartments Get the Wykamol Treatment

Wykamol have supplied our weatherproofing, masonry protection cream, Dryseal, to protect some iconic apartments on Southport Promenade.

Martitime Apartments 1

The Problem

Maritime court sits on the sea front and is therefore subjected to severe weather conditions, such as intense winds, ocean spray and vast changes in temperature.

  Lead contractor, Paul Chisholm, conducted a trial with No More Damp Dryseal on the gable end of the building. The apartment building, constructed in the 70s, has become a classic feature of the Southport sea front, and therefore it was essential that the aesthetics of the building were not altered.

Dryseal New Label

The Product

Dryseal appears white during application, to ensure all areas to be treated receive a coat, but dries clear, preserving the original look of any masonry.

 No More Damp Dryseal also provides protection of the masonry for up to 20 years, allows surfaces to breath while preventing any ingress of water and protecting against harmful salts, such as those found in sea water.

 The Dryseal trial proved to be successful and 320 litres were purchased to cover the vast expansive of Maritime Courts, which houses 148 apartments

Martitime Apartments 3 Martitime Apartments 2 Dryseal Crane Application
  • Martitime Apartments 3
  • Martitime Apartments 2
  • Dryseal Crane Application

Due to the size of the building and its potentially hazardous location (the promenade is prone to strong and unpredictable winds), Chisholm appointed a specialist contractor to apply Dryseal, using a 34 m reach Bronto Crane.

 Wykamol Technical Expert, Gareth Lea, attended site and advised on this project throughout.

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