Posted on 11/1/19 in Case Studies

Wykamol Knowhow Keeps Dutch MPs Dry

Damp and water ingress were causing huge problems. Our laboratory technicians found the cause and recommended the use of HydraDRY and ThermalDRY as a future-proof solution!

The Problem

A prestigious, gated apartment block, close to The Hague in Holland, houses diplomats and other VIPs. Built in the 1950s, it is an iconic building, closely identified with its area.

The problem occurred in the huge tower-like structure, which defines the building, and was suffering from plaster falling off the wall across an area of around 500 m2.

The areas affected were predominantly where the internal concrete lintels were present. Although, at initial inspection stage, this was thought to be severe condensation, further diagnostics showed that the moisture was coming through the external brick-work and through the damaged concrete, as the walls do not have a cavity.

There was evidence of condensation below the bottom windows, which consequently ran down the wall and into the plaster.  Evidence of this can clearly be seen from the water marks and the shadow-lines are discernible on the concrete beneath. Under the plaster there was evidence of efflorescence. 

Hague Apartments 2 Hague Apartments 4 Hague Apartments 5 Hague Apartments 3
  • Hague Apartments 2
  • Hague Apartments 4
  • Hague Apartments 5
  • Hague Apartments 3

The Proposal

We requested samples to be sent back to the UK so that Wykamol's laboratory technicians could undertake testing for water content and salt determination.

After rigorous testing and analysis at our Head Office in Burnley, Lancashire, we proposed that all the plaster be removed and that a coat of HydraDRY applied.

HydraDRY is a BBA and WRAS Approved, cementitious compound designed for application to the internal surfaces of walls and associated solid floors, which could be subject to penetrating dampness.

Next, we advised the addition of Renovation plaster to a depth of 5-7 mm, followed by a finishing plaster.

Finally, a layer of ThermalDRY, an Anti-Condensation Coating which is both thermally insulating and water repelling. It increases the wall temperature, therefore preventing the formation of condensation and mould growth.

Furthermore, some walls had been re-pointed with a very hard mortar, and we suggested using a lime-based grout to replace the hard grout to allow the wall to breathe.

The full range of Wykamol Damp Treatment and Anti Condensation products can be viewed here