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Wykamol Launch Unique Anti-Condensation Product ThermalDry - Warmer, Drier, Happier Walls

Another New Innovative Product from The Experts

The long awaited day has arrived. The official launch of our greatly anticipated, innovative, in-house produced product is happening right now and we’re itching to tell you all about it!

ThermalDry anti-condensation coating is formulated and produced at our Head Office in Burnley, and was the brain child of our Chemist Michael Melnicenko.

Joining us in June 2017, Michael has already helped develop and improve a number of products and we are excited for you to see our range continuously grow in his hands. ThermalDry contains microbeads which enable reflect-o-therm technology. Not only does it increase the natural temperature of the wall by 4 times, it reflects away the moisture laden warm air and continues it circling around the room. All this extensively contributes to the prevention of condensation, black mould growth and the presence of harmful bacteria.

Damp In Modern Houses

Extensive Product Testing

External testing has been conducted on this ground breaking product and the results speak for themselves.

Panels are applied with both ThermalDry and ordinary emulsion paint and placed in an environment where extremely cold temperatures are generated. Then a heating and ventilating system is placed directly beneath the vertically orientated panels. The time taken for condensation to occur is then timed and the process is repeated to ensure consistent and accurate results are recorded. On average, the panels treated with ordinary emulsion paint took 26 minutes for condensation to occur in these extreme conditions. Panels treated with ThermalDry took 45 minutes. This means, the conditions in an ordinary home are unlikely to cause condensation on walls treated with ThermalDry at all, or at the very least, the amount of time before condensation occurs is significantly extended, allowing the homeowner to comfortably heat their home for longer periods of time, without anxiety or risk of condensation.

The formulation of this product is unique in the industry and test results are superior to any competing product.

ThermalDry Benefits

Homes with poor ventilation become healthier homes with an application of ThermalDry, as bacteria and mould find warm, wet walls to be the ideal environment for growth. Housing Associations will find ThermalDry the ideal solution for their properties, where tenants are unwilling to pay for the costs to run ventilation units, or no ventilation unit is fitted.

Kitchens, bathrooms, garages and utility rooms in every house in the UK would benefit from this product, as even when the best ventilation units are installed in these areas, condensation can still occur. By increasing the relative temperature of the walls in these rooms, using ThermalDry, condensation prevention is vastly improved, which helps prevents mould growth on grout, window ledges, and silicone sealants.

Using ThermalDry in conjunction with other thermally insulating and U-Value increasing products from the Wykamol No More Damp Range will vastly increase the overall effectiveness of any product.

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The Complete Range

No More Damp Renovation Plaster contains perlite, further preventing the risk of condensation on the walls of homes. No More Damp DrySeal Masonry Protection Cream, applied externally, eradicates rain damage to the external wall faces and prevents the penetration of moisture through the brickwork into your home. Houses built from particularly porous brick and stone will always suffer from very cold externally facing, internal wall and significantly increase the changes on condensation. Sealing the external substrate with DrySeal, while still allowing it to breath, will increase the internal walls relative temperature, while increasing the relative temperature of the internal walls with ThermalDry is the perfect combination for condensation prevention