Posted on 21/3/17 in Case Studies

Southwark Council Recruit Wykamol Registered Installers

Southwark Council have enlisted Registered Installers of Thor Helical Remedial products to resolve structural issues on a high-rise block of apartments.

Temple Stone London are a family run company with over 45 years of experience. They ‘tackle all aspects of work within the stone industry’ and their website, which can be viewed here, displays an impressive body of work using reconstituted stone.

As well as creating beautiful masonry, they also repair it, and are Registered Installers of Thor Helical Remedial products.

Temple Stone are completing a project on some high-rise apartments for Southwark Council. A number of cracks appeared in the building’s masonry and company Directors Brendan King and Michael Quinn were contacted to undertake some crack stitching on the towering structure.

Structural Repairs on London High rise Structural Repairs on London High rise
  • Structural Repairs on London High rise
  • Structural Repairs on London High rise

Temple Stone used our heavy duty 7m x 6mm helical bars which were grouted into the mortar beds of the brickwork. This reinforced the distressed masonry and controlled any cracking by distributing forces back into the structure. Thor Helical W 60 Grout was used to secure the crack stitching bars in place.

Brendan and Michael also prescribed the installation of Thor Helical Remedial’s Lateral Restraints, when it was noted that there were bulges in the masonry wall. This restrained the bulging and restored the structural integrity of the building. Our Lateral Restraints are installed from the exterior of the building, causing minimum disturbance to the residents of the apartment block.

To find your closest Thor Helical Remedial Registered Installer, call your Technical Manager or Head Office on 0845 400 6666.