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Quadproof Gas Barrier Membrane

A monolithic hybrid co-polymer barrier giving excellent performance. Fully tested for Radon, Methane and C02.

Quadproof Gas Membrane is a low permeability, highly robust monolithic thermoplastic LOPE membrane for use as a Radon, C02 and low level Methane barrier.

The barrier provides a safe solution for use in the construction of buildings and dwellings when installed according to the relevant code of practice. The product is coloured yellow and is centre folded to minimise creasing under screeds and for ease of handling on site. The product has excellent strength and puncture resistance. Primarily designed to meet the requirements of NHBC characteristic Amber 1 ( gas contaminated land).

Quadproof Gas Membrane offers a complete solution for the protection of buildings and occupiers from Radon, Carbon Dioxide and low levels of Methane, including gas found on disused coalfield sites. Other sites such as disused landfill and industrially contaminated land will commonly require the protection of a gas barrier to protect buildings from gas ingress.

The membrane will also provide an effective damp proof membrane for the dwelling but is not intended to guard against situations where hydrostatic pressure is present. Fully complies with the recommendations of the Building Research Establishment Document: 414 and with reference to the requirements of the NHBC Guidance on Methane and Carbon Dioxide report edition no: 4.

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