Posted on 22/2/18 in Products, Articles

Wykamol Partner with Volteco Waterproofing Technology with Exclusive Supply of their Innovative Range!

The Wykamol Group are extremely excited and proud to announce the beginning of our joint venture with Volteco Waterproofing Technology (; a company that has dedicated itself to the protection of buildings from water ingress since its inauguration in 1976.

Find out more about Volteco here.

Experts in our Fields

The decision to partner with Volteco, based in Veneto, Italy, stemmed from the similar aims and values between our two companies. Like Wykamol, they have state-of-the-art facilities for the development of innovative products, and protection of structures and providing expert technical advice is in their blood. We have been experts in the property preservation industry since 1934, our waterproofing solutions are known throughout the industry and partnering with what could be considered our Italian experts in waterproofing, is a natural progression.

As the only distributors of Volteco products in the UK, we will be supplying our customers with a small, but ground-breaking range of their products, to add to our already varied waterproofing solutions.

Plastivo 180 Small Plastivo 250 Small Flexonet Small
  • Plastivo 180 Small
  • Plastivo 250 Small
  • Flexonet Small

The Range!

Plastivo 180 is a liquid applied, flexible waterproof coating, with core curing technology. This innovative technology means a second application of Plastivo can occur two hours after the first coat, and a complete cure is achieved in under 20 hours. With such a versatile product, the possibilities for application are numerous, including surfaces and structures in constant contact with water. It can also be used on balconies, tanks, channels and structures which house potable water, reinforced concrete foundation walls, kitchens, bathrooms, the list just goes on.

Plastivo 250, as the name suggests, is the premium version of Plastivo 180. If you thought flexible waterproofing couldn’t get any better, Plastivo 250 is here to prove you wrong. This product is ideal for those waterproofing those notoriously difficult areas, such as lift pits, which are challenged daily by movement within the structure. Arches under bridges, underground tunnels and areas with high wind impact are further examples of where this ultra-elastic waterproofing product can be used. To add even more flexibility to the innovative Plastivo range, Volteco’s Flexonet mesh can be applied into the first coat of Plastivo, which will reinforce its multi-directional and elastic performance, prevent cracking and generally improve all of its mechanical properties.

Bi Mortar Sl Web Profix 20 Small
  • Bi Mortar Sl Web
  • Profix 20 Small

Bi Mortar SL is a self-levelling, waterproof, bentonite coating for use on horizontal surfaces. Ideal for lift pits, lightwells, tanks, pools, and flooring with an uneven surface in need of rectifying. It has excellent resistance to negative pressure and is the ideal product to use in conjunction with our Universal Mortar on the walls, prior to an application of HydraDry Tanking Slurry. Prepare substrates using Volteco’s Profix 20, to improve adhesion, adjust the absorption rate and remove dust from mineral surfaces. As Profix 20 us solvent free, application in poorly ventilated basements is no problem!

Sistema Bi Flex Small Bi Bond Small
  • Sistema Bi Flex Small
  • Bi Bond Small

Sistema Bi-Flex is an elastic tape used to repair joints and cracks in areas which are in need of a waterproofing application. It is highly adaptable to multiple applications and situations, and when applied using Volteco’s Bi-Bond Epoxy Adhesive, has exceptional adhesions to wide range of substrates, including concrete, mortar, stone, steel and galvanised steel. An easy fix for many substrates with superficial, structural flaws.

For advice on how you can make use of this ground-breaking product range please contact your Local Expert. These products are ideal additions to the Wykamol Waterproofing Solutions and we look forward to hearing about how our customers can put them to the test!