Posted on 30/9/22 in Case Studies

Type A and Type C Waterproofing combined to give a dual waterproofing scheme for NHBC

When a developer built this basement structure, he needed help getting a guarantee and waterproofing design for the NHBC scheme. 

Step into the project Basement Waterproofing Solutions and Wykamol who were able to perform a survey and create a robust design to provide a waterproof scheme for this property. 

First part of the dual scheme was to install a Type A barrier system and we can highlight here our BBA approved self-adhesive membrane system Sureproof. 

This self-adhesive membrane has a primer installed first followed by the membrane itself. This was then protected by a geotextile protection board before back filling occurs. 

Then internally we recommended a Type C cavity drain system linked to a channel system and twin sump chamber and alarm system. 

Of course, having a contractor like Basement Waterproofing solutions involved we know that the developer is getting one of our registered installers involved who has been vetted to give long term warranties on waterproofing works. 

The Type C membrane system also carries full BBA accreditation as well as Ce Marking. 

Overall, another amazing project to be involved with and again highlighting our British Manufacturing of these waterproofing materials. 

If you have a project, you would like help with please let us know and we can attend site or look at plans and come back with a CSSW designed scheme.  

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