Posted on 23/1/20 in

Record Number of Free Continual Professional Development Courses at Wykamol

Architects and Engineers need to undertake valuable training to maintain their progress and knowledge of basement waterproofing is a very important part of that.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of an extensive range of damp and waterproofing products, and the only UK manufacturer of cavity drain membranes, Wykamol recognise the importance of specialist knowledge in the sector.

We are carrying out record numbers of free courses for continual professional development to provide architects and engineers invaluable information and training on BS8102, the code of practice for waterproofing below ground and BS8485, the code for the gas proofing of buildings.

 We typically carry out 14 sessions every month curated by one of our team of basement experts. As we start the year, we already have more than 40 booked for 2020.

The training is completely free. We even provide a free lunch!

Any company involved in the planning, design or installation of gas or waterproofing for basements who would like to arrange a course should contact us here and one of our experts will get in touch.