Posted on 21/7/17 in Case Studies

Garage Roof to Garden Terrace

Functionality and Practicality

Contractors, GT Plastering of Guisborough, carried out essential waterproofing works on a new garage structure at a property in Middlesborough. GT Plastering not only enhanced the functionality of this structure, but essentially saved it from penetrating water damage by implementing a waterproofing system using a combination of Wykamol products.

The floor/wall junctions and the roof of the garage structure were suffering from water damage, as these are the weakest parts of a waterproofing application and difficult to make completely water tight. Wayne Longstaff, Technical Manager for the North East, worked alongside GT Plastering and suggested the application of Universal Mortar to the internal floor/wall junctions. Universal Mortar strengthens these weak areas and works in conjunction with Hydradry Tanking Slurry, as both products essentially become part of the concrete, removing joints which could eventually allow water to penetrate the structure below.

The garage was particularly vulnerable to this kind of water damage, due to the flat roof where rain water can collect and pool. Wayne suggested EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating be applied to the garage roof, further waterproofing the structure but also enabling the homeowners to reclaim some of this space as a garden and patio. With these added precautions, the roof top outdoor area is now the ideal place to enjoy an afternoon drink while observing the view.

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EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating has many benefits and applications:

Forms a high-build protective coating on the concrete surface producing a hard, long-wearing, abrasion resistant finish

  • Can be used on garage floors, basements and cellars
  • Can be used both internally and externally
  • Has excellent water and oil repellent properties
  • Prevents radon gas diffusion in below ground structures such as basements
  • Easy to apply

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