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Our commitment to Recycling and Renewable Energy



The use of non biodegradable plastics, and the embracing of green renewable energy are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the planet.

Recycling has very quickly become standard practice for all households However, we must do more, and it will intensify. Micro plastics are omni present within our oceans. Manchester University discovered up to 1.9 million pieces per square metre! The impact of plastics within our oceans can be devastating to all marine life.

Recent weather events, both home and internationally have produced extremes of heat/forest fires, and unprecedented flooding with a catastrophic loss of life, all of which the scientists are blaming on the planet getting warmer, which in turn is having a devastating impact on our natural eco system.

Everybody has to play their part, and demonstrate they are committed to making a difference, and take positive carbon reduction steps to reduce global warming.

No one in the UK waterproofing and preservation market is doing more than Wykamol by investing in Solar energy to reduce the carbon emissions from our two manufacturing sites by over 62 tonnes per year, but also taking steps to introduce both hybrid and fully electric vehicles to our fleet.

Contractors and other customers using the Wykamol range of waterproofing and preservation products can pass on this green message to their customers, safe in the knowledge that by choosing Wykamol they are making an environmental difference.

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The only national UK manufacturer of cavity drain membranes using solar power and membrane offcut collection service to help save our planet


And what are Wykamol doing to change the established norms in the waterproofing and preservation market?

  • Nationwide membrane offcut collection service.
  • All virgin material from ANY manufacturer collected.
  • Bags supplied FOC.
  • No cost for collection (we anticipate 200kg per bag).
  • All materials collected will be recycled.
  • You click, we collect!

For every 200kg of HDPE collected we will be saving enough energy to make 32,000 cups of tea, or drive 3496 miles in a large 2L diesel vehicle.

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WYKAMOL are installing almost 400 solar PV panels across their two production sites, saving over 62 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum, but what does this mean in plain measurable terms?

  • Enough energy saved to make 1,170,000 cups of tea, that’s 22,500 cups per week!
  • Enough energy saved to drive 189,000 miles in a large 2L diesel vehicle, that’s 3600 miles per week!

  • Enough energy saved per annum to stop the melting of 186m2 of Artic ice, that by the way is about 2.5m in thickness!

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No one in the UK waterproofing and preservation market is doing more than Wykamol to embrace green energy, and make a real difference to our planet.

Help save the environment - try wykamol on your next project.

As the only UK manufacturers of waterproofing membranes and other complementing products, we can now also add to this that our manufacturing is substantially enabled by solar energy.

Not only are we hugely reducing our carbon emissions, but materials are processed in the UK partly by solar, and also incorporating in-house recycling which no one else can offer.

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of global warming, and the need to embrace change, therefore as a customer of Wykamol you can promote the use of our products and the virtues of a UK manufactured range, that has solar energy use at its very heart, and without the need to import products which by the nature of their transport actually increase their carbon footprint.

Make an environmental difference, and try Wykamol eco products on your next installation.

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