Qpultra1 65 X30 Quadproof Ultra1

Quadproof Ultra Membrane

A pre-applied fully bonded waterproofing gas barrier membrane combined with a heavy-duty virgin polypropylene geotextile providing a fully concrete bonded system in basement and below ground structures.

Quadproof Ultra Membrane is designed to integrate with the subsequently placed fresh concrete to give a strong mechanical bond effect without adhesive, primers, heat or open flames

• Applied before fixing steel reinforcement

• Applied in a vertical or horizontal to blindside or under slab applications

• Used to create an integral seal between the concrete and the waterproofing membrane

• Specifically developed for use on construction sites contaminated by Volatile Organic Compounds, Hydrocarbons, and other ground gasses such as Methane, Radon and CO²

• Ensures a fully bonded waterproofing barrier

• Membrane bond is continuous

• Supplied single-wound to achieve a lay flat surface

• Exceptionally high resistance to ground gas and VOC’s

• Used for gas/waterproofing and tanking of underground structures

• Impedes lateral migration of water between the membrane and concrete structure

• Waterproofing barrier Type A

• Easily folded on site

• CE marked for water proofing to harmonised standard EN 13967:2012+A1:2017

• Conforms to BS8102:2022

• Conforms with BS8485:2015+A1:2019 (Table 7)

• Incorporates guidance outlined in CIRIA C748

• Conforms to the specification required of NHBC Amber 1 & 2 applications.

• Suitable for all Characteristic Gas Situations (CS) ground gas regimes

• Excellent welding characteristics

• Two layers of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Co-Polymer (EVOH)

• Advanced 14-layer membrane barrier

• Preformed accessories available

• Taped system for easy cold-applied installation

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