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ProFlex High performance Joint & Crack Sealing System

For sealing construction joints, expansion (movement) joints and connection joints or cracks. The system allows variable and high levels of movement in one or more directions, whilst maintaining a high-quality watertight seaL

Wykamol EP Proflex Adhesive

EP Proflex Adhesive is an epoxy resin-based solvent-free, thixotropic, structural two-part building adhesive and repair mortar.

Designed to give excellent moisture tolerance and water resistance, EP Proflex Adhesive is designed for use at temperatures of 50C and 300C. Specifically developed with a lower mixed viscosity for easier workability at low temperatures and excellent adhesion to damp surfaces, which is usually common within the building industry.

EP Proflex Adhesive bonds well to most building materials including concrete, stone, brick, wood, glass and metal. Due to its excellent adhesion, it can also be used for adhering building materials, including brick slips, onto glass reinforced plastic (GRP) bases.


  • Joint waterproofing tape for walls
  • Floor junctions
  • Construction joints
  • Movement joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Structural joints
  • Connection joints
  • 3:1 mixing ratio by weight or volume
  • Thixotropic, ideal for vertical and overhead applications
  • Ideal for repairing corners and edges
  • Gap, joint and crack filling
  • No shrinkage
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • Bonds to damp surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion even on damp surfaces
  • High impact resistance and mechanical strength
  • Good colour for easier colour matching

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