Posted on 05/11/21 in Case Studies

Wykamol waterproofs a 5 storey apartment block into a hillside in South East London

When we were approached by a developer to help design a waterproofing scheme in London our technical team jumped at the opportunity. Reg MacDonald, Technical Waterproofing Manager of Wykamol and Simon Smith, South East Manager, both CSSW qualified, liaised and designed a dual waterproofing scheme to BS8102 and NHBC standards. This incorporated  a gravity fed cavity drain membrane system to allow each of the 5 apartments to drain down to the lower levels where they would exit at the base of the project.

Our BBA approved cavity drain membranes were installed throughout the project alongside our Wykamol high load insulated spacer to create a channel rebate on the slab. 

Simon regularly undertook site visits to check on progress and to make sure there were no complications during the installation. 

Projects like this are quite common for the Wykamol team and we have various current projects where apartment blocks are built into hillsides on sloping sites. 

Working on these kind of jobs as over the years helped us foresee any potential issues that arise when working into the ground, and where drainage issues need to be catered for. Allowing water to be removed without the potential for the drains to be compromised. 

Once again the project has been faultless, and we are proud to be involved with yet another fantastic endeavour and help to create yet more stunning homes across the UK. 

The technical team at Wykamol are here to help on all below ground projects and advise on various waterproofing applications from domestic dwellings to huge multi-level projects. 

Just contact us and start the process and I am sure you will be impressed with our bespoke designs produced to BS8102 including project drawings and on site help. 

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