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Wykamol waterproof an historic home in St John's Wood

When this amazing house on Cavendish Avenue was sold the new owners decided to create a mammoth 2 story basement under this home which is having a 2-year full renovation on it.

The property has had some famous owners but the first was 

Thomas Sharpe Smith is first mentioned in connection to No.19 in 1846. The 1851 census shows him living at the property with his wife Jeannie, his 12-year-old daughter Aurora, and three servants. Thomas’s profession is described in rather vague terms as ‘landed proprietor’, but as an educated man he made his name in the field of political economics. Author of ‘On the Economy of Nations’, Smith published pamphlets arguing for the repeal of the Corn Laws to ease distress amongst the country’s poor. Thomas died in 1866, and the property was handed down to his daughter Aurora and her husband Captain Frederick Smith. 

A complicated basement build with swimming pool and health suite on basement level 2 as well as family rooms on basement level 1 this project was a challenging waterproofing project for Simon Wooton and the team from Advance Property Preservation 

A dual waterproofing scheme was designed for both levels of this large basement creation and as such Wykamol and Simon decided the best course of action was to use our 2 BBA systems:  Hydra Dry and Cavity Drain Membranes 

The new concrete structure was first sprayed with our Crystalline Slurry Hydra Dry with 2 coats of this Type A System which was used as a primary resistance and waterproofing coat.

Once this had cured a Type C waterproofing cavity drain membrane system including perimeter drainage, was installed throughout the 2 floors to give the building a dual waterproofing scheme.

Being able to design these projects and working with contractors like Simon enables us to get involved with some amazing projects, commercial and domestic, across the UK.

We cannot wait to see this amazing house finished and with the basements in full use. 

If you have a project anywhere across the UK or Ireland, please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat about how we can help design your project.

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