Posted on 30/9/22 in Case Studies

Wykamol specialist contractor is called into Liverpool university to treat rot and wood wasp problems

When Wykamol registered installer Northwest Dry rot was called in to repair timber issues at Liverpool university a rare attack of Wood wasp was found causing issues to the timber of the structure 

 What is a Wood wasp?

The Horntail also generally known as the ‘Giant Wood Wasp’ or even ‘Greater Horntail’ which is a large sawfly, is usually discovered near pine woods, or even locations in which pine timbers are utilised.

A wood wasp or a horntail infestation can be easily confused with woodworm infestation. As a member of the wasp family, the female is black and yellow coloured, with an exceptionally long ‘sting.’ This is her ovipositor, which she uses to penetrate the timber to lay her eggs, specifically in timbers such as pine.

The wood wasps’ exit holes are circular and have a diameter of 4 – 7 mm, depending on the species and as such can cause issues to timbers 

Working on buildings like these listed structures , the team at Wykamol are called in to help on sites looking at Dry rot issues and woodworm infestations , and its rare we get to see wood wasp issues like these in the photographs , new timbers and treated of course will be replaced and Wykamol specialist products will be used throughout the structure to treat dry rot and fungal attack .

Thanks to Stuart Hankinson for these amazing pictures and great to be involved with another fabulous building renovation as well.

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