Posted on 09/10/19 in Products

Wykamol Have Developed a New Brick Plug with Unbeatable Performance

Our new Brick Plug offers better grip and higher pull loadings than any comparative product on the market.

Suitable for all applications, the brick plug is now available.

The new waterproofing plug has a better neoprene seal which is softer than before and sits in the cup of the membrane better, spreading around the head of the plug easier for a finished seal that is even better than our previous plug which was also very highly regarded in the industry.

Like all Wykamol products, it has been thoroughly tested in our own labs in addition to many months of on-site trials by several experienced waterproofing specialist companies.

Our research and pre-launch activity has shown that we have a brick plug that is proven to offer the highest standards of quality, performance and value.

Have a coffee on us!


To celebrate the launch of our new brick plug, we have put 15 of them in a coffee mug. We’ve even put a coffee bag in there too!

To get your fee mug with 15 brick plugs, contact your Wykamol expert. You can find contact details for your area here