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Wykamol launch a new Technical Installation Guide for the BBA Approved, Type A, Sureproof Waterproofing System.

For over 80 years the Wykamol Group has been the market leader in the field of property renovation and repair. Starting way back with our founder devising a chemical treatment for the eradication of insect attack in timber, our product range has evolved and grown to become the broadest range of property repair and renovation solutions under one umbrella anywhere in the UK.

Our BBA Approved, Type A, Sureproof Waterproofing System is a high performance, cold applied, flexible, waterproof membrane incorporating a cross-laminated HDPE carrier film with a strong adhesive polymer modified bitumen compound.

Our new technical installation guide shows you exactly how to apply Sureproof to above and below ground structures.

Download the new installation guide from the Wykamol Website. Click Here.