Posted on 19/1/22 in Case Studies

Once more, a basement failure is rescued with the help of Wykamol products

It’s all too common of an occurrence when basement waterproofing is not installed correctly – or in this case making avoidable mistakes with drainage and drylining systems. 

Incorrect channel systems not connected to any pumped drainage alongside drylining which had pierced the waterproofing membrane in over 30 places.  

Sadly, it is all too common a sight when our technical managers are visiting basement sites across the UK. 

For this project in Whitefield, Manchester the previous contractor had decided he would carry out the whole project and had drilled and pierced the membrane in many places causing moisture and water to track along the fixings through to finished levels causing dampness and water ingress.

The contractor had installed channels but nowhere for the water to drain to, apart from a hole into the soil. Unfortunately, water had come up through the hole and had flooded the channels which in turn poured into the basement area to 200mm deep.

Luckily, the homeowner called Wykamol in and we set to work with local registered installer, Basements Northwest, to rectify the issue by stripping the basement out and starting again with drainage and a double sump chamber. 

Sadly, for the homeowner, this has proved a costly problem as they had purchased the property thinking the basement was fully converted to correct codes. 

Now the basement is being turned into dry habitable rooms with the help of our Type C cavity drain membranes. 

When converting underground spaces its crucial to ensure that your contractor is a registered installer that offers the relevant insurance to BS8102, the code of practice for underground waterproofing applications. 

We cannot wait to visit when the basement has been fully decorated but rest assured that it will remain dry for many years to come. 

If you’ve got a basement project, why not contact the team at Wykamol for assistance on your project. 

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