Posted on 23/3/22 in Case Studies

A listed church in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey gets Wykamol Type C membrane solution.

When a listed church in Saint Peter Port in Guernsey was being renovated and turned into luxury apartments an issue was discovered with damp walls and salt contamination as the church had not been used for a number of years.

The listed conservation specialists did not want dense renders being applied to the lime pointing on the building, so Wykamol stepped in with a design to help to dryline the walls and isolate the dampness using Wykamol cavity drain membranes. 

The 8mm stud design allowed for the moisture to dry behind the membrane allowing it to breathe naturally and isolate any salt issues from contaminating the drylining finishes on the internal walls of the property. 

Working for many years on buildings like these Wykamol have experience in damp related issues and salt problems which can lead to further issues unless dealt with. 

In this instance the membranes were used above ground and not in the usual below ground application, we did not need channels and drainage systems to collect water as we were only dealing with capillary moisture within the masonry structure. Still, care was needed to make sure the membranes were used alongside vapour proof tapes to seal the wall moisture from tracking into wall finishes. 

Not only do the Wykamol team look at basement waterproofing projects our long history within the renovation industry gives us the perfect opportunity to advise on damp issues for contractors and architects alike. 

If you have a project, why not contact Wykamol to see how we can help with specific designs and and solutions on site.

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