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The Experts Launch Quadproof Membranes - The Future Proofed Membranes, Available Today

Industry Developments

Since the updated of BS8102 in 2009, the necessity to protect buildings and their occupants from harmful ground gases has been an essential part of adhering to British Standards. What many contractors don't know is that most (if not all) Type A waterproofing membranes simply do not comply with BS8485:2015, as 'sufficiently impervious' ground gas barriers. Since BS8102:2009 makes reference to complying with BS8485, we cannot simply ignore these guidelines when waterproofing a below ground structure!

Why are we as an industry continuing to use outdated materials?
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We Have the Solution!

Quadproof Membranes are currently the only single system membranes that provide gas protection and grade 3 waterproofing protection, and Wykamol are launching these membranes in both pre-applied and post-applied format.

You need only download our Technical Data Sheet to review the impressive test data this product has produced and proving the level of protection for below ground structures from methane, carbon dioxide, radon, ground gases, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), air, moisture and hydrocarbons.

The Advantages of Quadproof Membranes are endless:

  • Full surface contact between the membrane and concrete
  • Manufactured to meet the most up-to-date British Standards, including BS8102:2009 and BS8485:2015
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Recognised as an accepted system for ground gas and water protection by the NHBC
  • VOCs and Hydrocarbon barrier - The first (and currently only) membrane available to fully achieve the requirements of C748 for chemical testing as a bonded type A membrane
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions
  • High resistance to ground gases
  • Long term durability (performance guaranteed for the lifetime of the building)
  • Compatible with all building materials
  • Waterproofing barrier and Gas proofing barrier in one
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Quadproof TANK

The Wykamol Quadproof Tank is a post-applied, self-adhesive tanking membrane, comprised of the multi-layer polyethylene Quadproof membrane and an all weather adhesive backing. Quadproof Tank is post applied to the poured concrete as part of a Type A waterproofing system and the backing adheres to both vertical and horizontal applications.

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Quadproof BOND

The Wykamol Quadproof Bond is pre-applied polyethylene membrane, with a bonded textile for protecting the membrane from damage and providing an integrated 'bond' to poured concrete, ensuring a fully bonded waterproofing barrier which has exceptionally high resistance to ground gases and VOCs.

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All the Solutions in One Place

As part of BS8102:2009, Quadproof should be accompanied with one other waterproofing system, such as a Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane System, which Wykamol have been dedicated in their supply of for many years.

View our complete waterproofing range here or contact the Technical Expert in your area for more information, specification services and technical advice! The Experts do it all.